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Are you a merchant and do not see the point of creating an e-commerce site in addition to your store? Yet the web brings multiple opportunities to local businesses. A commercial site represents an extension of their activity and no longer a completely separate service.

Ecommerce businesses know that user experience and revenue go hand in hand. When users find shopping difficult, slow, or confusing, they don’t convert and you don’t get paid.

This is why your ecommerce site should work hard for you: streamline your business and shop effortlessly. But without a well-developed site, you’re trying to build a great experience on a shaky foundation.

Lyounsiweb Moroccan freelance web developer

Create your professional e-commerce site, adapted to your needs and your field of activity at a reasonable price. Don’t worry, I specialize in creating this type of website.

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OK! Why create an E-commerce site?

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The e-commerce site makes it possible to buy products or services online over the internet by generating commercial transactions (in real time). With the help of this type of e-commerce site, businesses can now focus on consumers, deliver and generate sales anytime, anywhere. A professional e-commerce site is a real springboard to gain visibility and credibility. It also increases turnover by reducing the time spent between each transaction.

The old ways of trading in our time have been bypassed, If you are a trader you have to keep pace with the age of technology otherwise you will ruin your trading project. It’s time to move your traditional business plan to an online store

Here are 5 reasons to open your e-commerce store!

  • Reach new customers
  • Create and bring together a community of buyers online
  • Generate more store visits
  • E-commerce is less expensive

Pourquoi nous confier la création de votre boutique en ligne ?

Here are some good reasons to call on Lyounsiweb for the creation of your tailor-made eCommerce site.

Customized e-commerce website creation

We develop tailor-made online stores using the latest technologies and respecting all applicable web standards. At Lyounsiweb, our creations use high-performance open source CMS solutions with a simple and complete administration interface.

Creative and modern design

During the process of creating your e-commerce website, you participate in the creation of the design, so that it is in harmony with your visual identity and your brand image. I will offer you creative, modern, innovative and responsive designs also with all devices (desktop, laptops, smartphones, tablets).

Easy-to-use administration

Upon delivery of your website, Lyounsiweb offers you a user guide allowing you to manage all your content in total autonomy. Write or modify product sheets, add categories, publish articles, manage your orders from an easy-to-use administration area that does not require any special technical skills.

An SEO friendly e-commerce site

We conduct a significant audit and analysis work, so as to promote an excellent positioning of your site among the results of the main search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. From the conception of the website, we optimize it to guarantee an excellent SEO base. We guarantee the creation of a website that is 100% optimized on the technical aspects of SEO.

Implementation of several payment methods

Lyounsiweb integrates several payment solutions into your online store: PayPal, Credit card, check, bank transfer, etc. Offer as many payment methods as possible to satisfy as many people as possible and facilitate conversion.

Flexible e-commerce site

Whatever your industry, your e-commerce site will allow you to sell your entire product catalog. The websites we develop allow you to easily add, modify, classify or remove products on your E-commerce site


E-commerce website creation 1
  • 100% secure website
  • Sleek and responsive design
  • Realization by CMS (Prestashop or Woocommerce or Opencart)
  • Includes all the tools to manage your store such as (Product combination, Stock management, invoices, suppliers, brands, Delivery note, … etc)
  • Integration of online payment module by (Credit card – Paypal – Cash – chique)
  • A multi-currency e-commerce site
  • Easy to use basket system
  • Complete customer area
  • Customer review system
  • Product comparison
  • Natural referencing (SEO) and web optimization
  • Indexing on search engines google, bing, yahoo … etc
  • Integration of social tools (Facebook, Instagrame, Google +, Twitter, etc.)
  • Google map integration
  • Google analytics integration
  • Robust and easy to manage dashboard
  • 3 months of update & maintenance
  • Optional additional training
  • Multilingual optional
  • Optional e-commerce site hosting

Why work with us?

6 good reasons to call on Lyounsiweb freelance web developer in Morocco.

Ergonomic UX and UI interface design

Lyounsiweb ensure your visitors a pleasant user experience thanks to an ergonomic design and performance optimization.

Premium design

Our passionate graphic designers will be able to offer you creative, elegant, modern and innovative designs, without forgetting the download speed of your site.

SEO referencing

In order to attract new customers, it is better to be visible on search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. Our website is 100% optimized for good organic SEO.

Responsive design

All of our website achievements are responsive design so that they adapt optimally to any type of mobile device (smartphones, tablets, etc.).

Respect of deadlines

We guarantee our customers on time delivery and on time.

The price and the quality

We guarantee our valued customers the quality of work and the appropriate prices for all

Do you have an E-commerce site project?

Lyounsiweb carries out from A to Z the design and maintenance of your tailor-made website, adapted to your needs and your activity.
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