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Redesign your website

A website redesign is a specific service in the field of web creation, it requires skills in different areas (Webdesign, project management, integration, …) for an optimal result.

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Your website no longer fits your needs? It does not reflect enough your brand image or is no longer in line with your target audience (loss of attendance, insufficient conversion, bounce rate in free fall …)? It seems obsolete compared to the latest standard of design?

What is a website redesign?
The redesign is the action of recasting a metal, to give a new shape to a metal object dixit Larousse. The Larousse does not propose any definition concerning the feminine word recasting applied to the websites.

The web agency AntheDesign will modestly propose its own: “An overhaul of website is to change its visual appearance and often add features.” The redesign is more complete than a relooking that concerns only the visible part (front) of a website.

Example commented and imaged of a website redesign
Context: The website of the environmental research department Ater Environnement no longer corresponded to the needs and image of a company in full development. Ater Environnement wanted, for example, to offer these customers a functional private space for the provision of documents.

The addition of this single functionality did not require a redesign of the website, but by adding the different requests expressed (responsive website, more corporate design, …) by Ater Environnement, the complete redesign of the website has become essential.

The overhaul is then described in a specification restituting the needs of the customer and serving as a referent for the realization of the site. It is specified for example in the specifications that the design of the site must be sober and corporate and take the visual identity of Ater Environnement.

Service procedure


Comprendre ce que vous voulez sur votre site et comment planter pour l'implémenter.


Création graphique : couleurs, typographie, images …etc.


Création technique du site et des fonctionnalités et insertion du contenu

Mise en ligne

Lancement du site web sur le serveur pour le rendre accessible à tous.

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