Event website creation in Morocco

Event website creation

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What is an event website?

A site that allows maximum and attractive coverage of your event

Whether it’s acquiring information, purchasing products, accessing services or following events, the web has become our number one destination of choice. This is why today, all events are presented and hosted on the web, especially through event sites.
It is a site specially designed to announce, organize and follow events. It can be temporary, such as when the event is only held once, or permanent, such as a website dedicated to holding annual events.

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Features of event website

création site web institutionnel

Because the role of an event website is to support your event, it must ensure certain missions and respect certain characteristics:

  • Announce and present all the necessary information.
  • Promote your event and make it known as much as possible.
  • Host your event, publish news and communicate with the public.
  • Update your products, services, promotions, specials, etc.
  • Follow up, draw up a report, collect data and statistics, etc..

Therefore, the website should be simple (simplicity of structure and information), very ergonomic, responsive design, fast, attractive, fully manageable and carefully personalized. We took into account many criteria when creating your event website!

It’s all good but

Why create an event site?

Pourquoi créer un site évènementiel ?

Because each event deserves a site dedicated to it

There are many benefits to building an event website that you certainly don’t want to miss out on, especially in the stiff competition in various fields. It is indeed a simple and effective solution to manage your events and promote them. You can adjust the design, content and all elements of the website to reflect the characteristics of the event while maintaining the spirit and image of the company.

You should also know that the management of mini-sites will be easier, whether it involves providing content, collecting registrations, disseminating information in real time, or communicating with various stakeholders. By creating a website entirely focused on your activities, you can bring it added value that will certainly have an impact on your visitors..

For whom the event site?

For anyone responsible for organizing, supervising or promoting an event

Our offer is aimed at all those who wish to promote their activities and give them the media influence they deserve. So, whether you are a private company, a public establishment, an event agency, an event organizer, an association or a sports organization, we support you in the way that suits you.

The event site is an ideal medium whatever the event :

  • Communication campaign.
  • Publicity campaign.
  • Launch of a product or service.
  • Birthday or company party.
  • Tradeshow.

  • Sporting, cultural or associative event.
  • Collection of donations or aid.
  • Recruitment operation.
  • Seminar, congress.
  • Contest, survey.

Characteristics of an event website

In order to properly fulfill its mission, your site must respond to the questions and needs of the various actors of the event: the company, the person in charge, the target audience, partners, the press and professionals interested or linked to the event. event.

Basic functionalities

  • Agenda: date, times, program.
  • News: press releases, articles, etc.
  • Media: images, sounds and videos.
  • Mailing-list: sending emails, newsletter.
  • Formulaires : inscription, contact.
  • Espace de presse : photos, communiqués de presse, dossiers.

Les fonctionnalités additionnelles

  • Secure online payment.
  • Cartographic tracking.
  • Games, quizzes, surveys.
  • Reservation of tickets, spaces, courses, etc.
  • Google Map access plan.

Why work with us?

6 good reasons to call on Lyounsiweb freelance web developer in Morocco.

Ergonomic UX and UI interface design

Lyounsiweb ensure your visitors a pleasant user experience thanks to an ergonomic design and performance optimization.

Premium design

Our passionate graphic designers will be able to offer you creative, elegant, modern and innovative designs, without forgetting the download speed of your site.

SEO referencing

In order to attract new customers, it is better to be visible on search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. Our website is 100% optimized for good organic SEO.

Responsive design

All of our website achievements are responsive design so that they adapt optimally to any type of mobile device (smartphones, tablets, etc.).

Respect of deadlines

We guarantee our customers on time delivery and on time.

The price and the quality

We guarantee our valued customers the quality of work and the appropriate prices for all

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