Creation institutional website in Morocco

Creation institutional website

création site internet institutionnel

The institutional site is a site that allows you to inform, communicate, invite and build loyalty.

The institutional site aims to present a company or an entity, public or private, in a professional manner while giving the greatest importance to the informative side. This is what differentiates the institutional site from the simpler showcase site and more limited.

We can say that the institutional site is less commercial and focuses more on highlighting the values of the company, the regular display of all the necessary information, and the useful communication with visitors who can be customers, potential customers, partners, or even members of the company.

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Features of institutional website

création site web institutionnel

If we wish to list the objectives of an institutional site in an order of priority, we will say that the site aims to:

  • Present all the necessary information about your organization: history, know-how, teams, products or services, projects, etc.
  • Present your values and commitments to your customers, employees, the environment, etc.
  • Publish your news and news on a regular basis.
  • Update your products, services, promotions, specials, etc.
  • provide public and private communication spaces for all parties concerned.
  • Create specific tools dedicated to a particular action: contact form, newsletter, online quote, recruitment space, etc.

It’s all good but

Why create an institutional site?

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Because informing is the first step to achieving goals

When a customer searches the web for a service, they want to get all the information they need about the service and the provider providing the service. He is not only interested in the quality or price of the associated services, but also in the values, vision and policies of the company. For example, if he supports a humanitarian or environmental cause, he will want to know if you are also committed to it.

To interact and communicate

Communication is a big issue for all companies, because it is a main element in reaching the customer. The institutional site does not only allow you to communicate with your target audience and your customers. Indeed, it allows you to interact with your partners and professionals in the same field of activity. It also facilitates internal communication through the creation of spaces dedicated to privileged interlocutors.

To gain visibility and notoriety

Today’s web presence is necessary for the development of any professional activity. But more than being present, you have to be visible and have a good reputation. The creation of an institutional site will allow you to obtain this notoriety by providing you with all the necessary tools to share your know-how and enhance your image.

What should you present on your institutional site?

I offer you a personalized creation of your institutional site that includes the essential pages found on all sites of this type, as well as additional pages that provide access to features specific to your needs.

site institutionnel

The main pages of the institutional site:

A home page, presenting essential information: field of activity, main services, address, contact details, links to social networks, etc.

  • Company presentation page: history, know-how, values, commitments.
  • Team presentation page: members, staff hierarchy, profiles, expertise.
  • Product and service presentation page, updated when necessary.
  • A press area: news, press articles, etc.
  • Presentation page of projects and achievements.
  • Forms: contact, online quote, job application, etc.
  • Pages of CGU, CGV and legal notices.

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