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The catalog site is the logical evolution of a showcase site , often used as the first site company, whose main objective is to present all or part of the catalog of products or services of a company or a trade. In the same way as a well-structured paper catalog, a few pages will be intended for the presentation of the company, its philosophy, its team or any points of sale.

Le site du catalogue n’a aucune restriction sur le nombre de catégories, sous-catégories ou produits. En raison de l’espace d’hébergement limité, il peut parfois contenir des milliers de listes de produits attribuées à une ou plusieurs catégories. Cette possibilité d’affecter des produits à plusieurs catégories est importante et constitue l’un des principaux avantages des sites de catalogue par rapport aux sites vitrines.

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OK! Why i create a catalog website?

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The catalog website Combined between the display site and the e-commerce site, the catalog site will allow you to present your various products to all potential customers. The catalog site allows Internet users to consult your range of products and services in a pleasant and organized visual environment.

The catalog website, It has all the features of showcase site and more that the website catalog allows you to:

  • Reach new customers
  • Add and edit your products
  • Create product sheets
  • Detail the characteristics of the products

Why entrust us with the creation of your catalog website?

Here are some good reasons to call on Lyounsiweb for the creation of your tailor-made eCommerce site.

Customized catalog website creation

We develop custom catalog websites using the latest technology and respecting all applicable web standards. At Lyounsiweb, our creations use high-performance CMS solutions with a simple and complete administration interface.

Creative and modern design

During the process of creating your catalog website, you participate in the creation of the design, so that it is in harmony with your visual identity and your brand image. I will offer you creative, modern, innovative and responsive designs also with all devices (desktop, laptops, smartphones, tablets).

Easy-to-use administration

Upon delivery of your website, Lyounsiweb offers you a user guide allowing you to manage all your content in total autonomy. Write or modify product sheets, add categories, publish articles, manage your orders from an easy-to-use administration area that does not require any special technical skills.

SEO friendly catalog website

We carry out a significant audit and analysis work, in order to promote an excellent positioning of your site among the results of the main search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. From the conception of the website, we optimize it to guarantee an excellent SEO base. We guarantee the creation of a website that is 100% optimized on the technical aspects of SEO.

Why work with us?

6 good reasons to call on Lyounsiweb freelance web developer in Morocco.

Ergonomic UX and UI interface design

Lyounsiweb ensure your visitors a pleasant user experience thanks to an ergonomic design and performance optimization.

Premium design

Our passionate graphic designers will be able to offer you creative, elegant, modern and innovative designs, without forgetting the download speed of your site.

SEO referencing

In order to attract new customers, it is better to be visible on search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. Our website is 100% optimized for good organic SEO.

Responsive design

All of our website achievements are responsive design so that they adapt optimally to any type of mobile device (smartphones, tablets, etc.).

Respect of deadlines

We guarantee our customers on time delivery and on time.

The price and the quality

We guarantee our valued customers the quality of work and the appropriate prices for all

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