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Are you a journalist, blogger or content creator? Do you want a blogger website to publish your articles online?

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A blog is a type of website that is often likened to looking like a logbook or diary because of its mode of operation. Generally speaking, a blog has articles sorted according to their publication dates, the most recent articles first.

The articles (also called ticket) are written by the blogger (the owner of the blog) and can contain very varied content according to the theme of the blog. Most of the time the articles contain textual content, but it is not so rare to meet comics blogs, video blogs (video replaces textual content), photographic blogs.

While blogs were initially popular among young people who use them as a diary, there are now millions of blogs. This has become a real social phenomenon and many people have a blog (cooking blog, politician blog, business blog …).

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Création technique du site et des fonctionnalités et insertion du contenu

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Lancement du site web sur le serveur pour le rendre accessible à tous.

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