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A showcase site is a website dedicated to presenting your company (TPE, start-up, SME or others), your activities, your organization or your association. It is often compared to an online promotional catalog. Your website describes your business, your identity and your products and services through its pages.

To be effective, the showcase site must ensure an excellent user experience. This involves technical optimization to ensure that the website can be searched quickly on a variety of mobile devices, and it also includes creating modern and attractive designs to increase your visibility on the web.

Successful website design will also grab the attention of internet users who visit it.

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Showcase website pages

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Typically, showcase websites consist of the following pages:

  • A home page intended to attract an Internet user and encourage them to continue browsing the site.
  • A presentation page, which summarizes the history of your company as well as your missions. This page can also introduce the different members of your team. The purpose of the presentation page is to reassure the Internet user.
  • One or more pages present your products or services, which contain a maximum of information and beautiful visual effects, and all the pages are intelligently organized to further reassure Internet users.
  • If you are a service company, this is an implementation or portfolio page that allows you to showcase your company’s work. In most cases, it comes in the form of one or more galleries, made up of photos and videos, and accompanied by textual content.
  • A connection page requesting a quote or a simple contact us page including a personalized contact form as well as all of your contact details: telephone, e-mail, postal address, fax.

What type of showcase site to choose?

There are many types of showcase sites:

Creation of a Portfolio-type showcase site

The “Portfolio” type showcase site allows you to publish your achievements and all your projects. Then there is a dedicated page for all the elements of the portfolio. This can include images, text, videos, and possibly downloadable documents. The creation of a “portfolio” display site allows you to display your achievements and projects in a clear and orderly manner. Visitors should notice your craftsmanship at first glance before they take the initiative to contact you.

Creation of a One Page showcase website

A One Page showcase website consists of a single page that concentrates and summarizes all of the content you want to display online. This is where all of the content of your showcase site is organized. There is therefore a menu, from which it is possible to access all parts of the site without having to reload new pages.
In recent years, this type of showcase site has gained some popularity. It also has the advantage of being quick and easy to implement. This type of site can perfectly satisfy some freelancers or companies wishing to promote a mobile application or an event for example.

Creation of a Landing Page showcase site

The “Landing page” type showcase site is the page that best summarizes all your products or services. This is usually the most important page on the website as it will be used for marketing activities. You must redirect Internet users to convert on this page. It must therefore be well built, sufficiently precise, interesting for Internet users, and ergonomic. It must provide all the elements that Internet users need to perform one or more required actions: download files, click on the “call to action” button, fill out forms, discover products, watch videos, pay for products or services , donate, buy training, etc.

It’s all good but

Why create a showcase site?

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The creation of a showcase site not only makes it possible to ensure its real presence on the Internet, but also to strengthen its credibility with Internet users.
Companies or projects that do not exist on the Internet will deprive you of visibility with the greatest number of customers. This includes potential customers or investors.

Everyone must now have a website that knows him and his professional activity, otherwise he will miss the train and waste a large number of customers.
Before you embark on creating a showcase site, it is important to determine your goals. Here are some examples :

  • Make you known (through SEO or Google Ads advertising campaigns).
  • Display your achievements, your know-how (by uploading a portfolio).
  • Allow Internet users to discover your products or services.
  • Create a networking system (Contact form, Chat, support system etc.)

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